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V2.2.9    2023-1-17

Smooth and polygon methods to draw lofting contour.
Side profile adjustment in lofting modeling.
Lofting contour scale slider.
Texture doesn’t correspond when importing .cc files.
Stuck when adjusting random texture amplitude.


Windows V2.2.9 macOS V2.2.9 Linux V2.2.9

V2.2.8    2023-1-09

Lofting modeling UI optimization.
Can’t import and export complex model in lofting modeling.
Top and bottom contours’ size does not match in loft modeling
Control points symmetry in lofting modeling.


Windows V2.2.8 macOS V2.2.8 Linux V2.2.8

V2.2.7    2022-12-27

Modify the upper edge of lofting modeling.


Windows V2.2.7 macOS V2.2.7 Linux V2.2.7

V2.2.6    2022-12-7


Can’t scale after adding 2D texture.
Control points error in image modeling.
Position adjustment of the ResetModel button
More suitable 2D texture initial row density.

Windows V2.2.6 macOS V2.2.6 Linux V2.2.6

V2.2.4    2022-11-2

Display baseshape in cloth simulation.
Drag control points while drawing contour in lofting modeling.
Fix incorrect aspect ratio in image modeling.
Fix an error in displaying the position of control points when drawing contour.
Windows V2.2.4 macOS V2.2.4 Linux V2.2.4

V2.2.3    2022-09-26


Incorrect permissions for file export
Fix Blank frame in cloth simulation
Texture navigation collapse and expand
Windows V2.2.3 macOS V2.2.3 Linux V2.2.3

V2.2.2    2022-08-10

Export STL file of cloth simulation
Cloth simulation sequence
Faster cloth simulation
Missing message box when exporting .cc file
Login prompt missing
About page is invisible
Windows V2.2.2 macOS V2.2.2 Linux V2.2.2

V2.2.1    2022-08-04

1. Cloth simulation beta
2. Lucky button of lofting
1. Clearer texture selection interface

Windows V2.2.1 macOS V2.2.1 Linux V2.2.1

V2.2.0    2022-07-27

1. A new way to add printer types suitable for users
1. Fix nonstandard STL meshes
3. Fix GCODE files reading problem
4. Improve the UI after gcode reading

Windows V2.2.0 macOS V2.2.0 Linux V2.2.0

V2.1.3    2022-07-23

1. About page
2. Gcode preview
3. New features of random lofting
1. Unable to add textures after reset model or image modeling

Windows V2.1.3 macOS V2.1.3 Linux V2.1.3

V2.1.2    2022-07-15

New texture TSP
New page style
Random setting out of setting out modeling
Support more printer configurations
Uneven extrusion
Optimized bottom path and model generation

Windows V2.1.2 macOS V2.1.2 Linux V2.1.2

V2.1.1    2022-06-09

Fix bugs
Add shortcut to switch perspective

Windows V2.1.1 macOS V2.1.1 Linux V2.1.1

V2.1.0    2022-05-30

Major functions:
1. Single image modeling
2. Vertical addition of 1D textures
3. Inverse texture of 2D texture
4. New control point interpolation method – Linear Interpolation
5. Chamfer function in polygon mode
6. Import STL (Beta)
Overall optimization:
1. Modify existing texture visualization related issues
2. Loading animation when the software is opened
3. Bottom display in gcode preview mode
4. The bubble reminds the function of each attribute and icon
5. Binary export form of stl, reducing model storage size
6. Memory optimization
7. Login information reminder

Windows V2.1.0 macOS V2.1.0 Linux V2.1.0

V2.0.0    2022-03-30

Major functions:
1. Lofting modeling method
2. Lofting modeling and hand drawn line function
3. Model line preview mode
4. Multiple novel procedural textures
5. New sample library
6. Model size preview
Overall optimization:
1. Interface optimization
2. Performance optimization
3. Interactive optimization
4. Login optimization

Windows V2.0.0 macOS V2.0.0 Linux V2.0.0

V1.0.11    2022-01-29

1· Poor effect of lucky key
2. Some UI interactive display problems
1. Rebuild the model function according to the imported picture

Windows V1.0.11 Linux V1.0.11

V1.0.10    2022-01-12

1. Add several new texture styles
2. Add lucky texture button

Windows V1.0.10 Linux V1.0.10

V1.0.9    2021-12-22

1. Some icons are displayed incorrectly
2. Adjusting points in line preview mode will cause system crash
3. Some keys do not respond

Windows V1.0.9 Linux V1.0.9

V1.0.8    2021-12-15

1. texture selection method: visual selection
2. Visual sectioning display of bottom edge
1. the rotating wire is slippery in some case

Windows V1.0.8 Linux V1.0.8

V1.0.7    2021-12-08

1. In some cases, exporting files causes the system to crash
2. Optimize model rotation

Windows V1.0.7 Linux V1.0.7

V1.0.5    2021-11-24

Add a simple version of lofting modeling — realized by importing .bmp files
1. Optimize login interface
2. Optimize configure information

Windows V1.0.5 Linux V1.0.5

V1.0.4    2021-11-17

1. Add base visualization.
2. Add log-in function,you can log in the software with your website account.
3. Add the support for SYNO-SOURCE printer.
4. Add the comment of base layer. Improve the readability of G-code file.
1. Maximization and minimization icon display problems.

Windows V1.0.4 Linux V1.0.4

V1.0.3    2021-11-10

1. Improve some UI function.
2. Add filter line in toolmenu.
3. Add STL import function in toolmenu.
4. Add Obj import function in toolmenu.
5. Add STL export function in toolmenu.
6. Add some link for UI button.
1. Fixed 2D texture funtion error.
2. Fixed some bug.

Windows V1.0.3 Linux V1.0.3

V1.0.2    2021-11-03

1. Export OBJ format file .
2. Slice function optimization
1. Fixed import STL file report error.
2. Fixed model display issues

Windows V1.0.2 Linux V1.0.2

V1.0.1    2021-10-20

1. Export STL format file.
2. Export slice function.
1. Fixed model display issues.

Windows V1.0.1 Linux V1.0.1

V1.0.0    2021-10-01

Release the software.

Windows V1.0.0 Linux V1.0.0