Horizontal Profile

The horizontal section of the model provides two forms, one is a smooth curve and the other is a polygon.

This describes the shape of the model in the horizontal direction. In order to show more beautifully and print smoothly, this indicator is set to smooth mode. A smooth profile will round the edges and transform the square into a “squircle”, which transforms sharp changes through arcs.

Chamfer decides whether to smooth the corners of the model.

Interpolation Method

Interpolation method determines the connection mode between each two control points. You can select “B Spline” or “Linear”

Control Points

Vertical profile design is achieved by controlling the relative position of multiple points.

You can use a small number of points to achieve quick shaping, or you can use more points to describe in more detail. You are allowed to set up to 25 control points to help you construct the basic shape of the model facade in more detail.

You can change the radius (the unit is mm) of the model by dragging the slider.

This change is achieved by adjusting the B-spline curve, and adjusting the slider is to change the position of the control point.

Path Preview

You can view the real-time model facade in the main window for easy modification until it reaches the shape you expected Visualization. This is clearly shown in the graphics shown earlier. It shows the appearance consistent with the printed product, helping you to visually see the result of your design.

At the same time, you can easily switch to the path view mode, by clicking the button on the right side of the model. In this mode, you can view the print path.

Under the switch button, you can also adjust the rendering quality through the slider. Because the actual printing path is very dense, by lowering the value of the rendering quality, you can see the simplified printing process more clearly, so as to make more reasonable adjustments to the model.

This mode focuses on showing the printing path. When you design your model, our system has automatically generated the best printing path for you. The system can generate a path more suitable for clay printing. This means that at the same time of modeling, the model already has printability suitable for clay printing.


Horizontal Profile

Interpolation Method

Control Points

Show Mode